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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Breakfast At Baroque Bistro (The Rocks, Sydney)

A french restaurant that serves delicious breakfast was a great choice during my morning walk with Mom at The Rocks last year. I'm glad that I got to try dining in this restaurant with her.

"Bienvenue!" means "welcome", the sign on a bike at the entrance of Baroque Bistro

The rustic interiors of Baroque Bistro were dark and sexy, in hues of black and red. The huge windows gave great light to anyone taking a photograph.

My Mom had hot chocolate which she enjoyed and I had a cup of long black coffee which was comfortingly strong on a Friday morning. Just what I needed!

Raw sugar in cube form = love.

Eggs and Bacon Cocotte. Smoked speck, mushroom, tomato, garlic, hollandaise, served with grilled Sonoma sourdough. It smelled wonderful and tasted more beautiful than this photograph. 

Eggs Benedict in Baroque Style. Serrano ham, tomato, basil, hollandaise, toasted brioche bun. Eggs were perfectly poached, Serrano ham was divine and the hollandaise sauce was light and tasty. 

Baroque Bistro is also known for their pastries, bread and macarons. Our breakfast was very filling, hence, we had no room for dessert. Maybe next time, I'll come back for afternoon tea or dessert.

88 George Street (corner Hickson Road)
The Rocks, Sydney
Phone: 02 9241 4811