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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bon Bon Fine Chocolates

There's so many things we have yet to explore and eat in Sydney and the whole of Australia. I've lived here for years but like any normal migrant, there are several things I take for granted simply because I live here. 

That includes chocolates. Australia is chocolate country. We have great chocolates made here but seldom do we buy from specialty chocolate stores. So during the previous Easter celebration, the Husband and I decided to finally try Bon Bon Fine Chocolates
Bon Bon Fine Chocolate
Bon Bon has a lot of chocolates in their QVB store and we were a bit overwhelmed with the many choices at hand. For a start, we decided to get an 8-piece box set. We asked what was in the box set and we were assured that it's all their best sellers. They looked pretty! I believe this was a special box made for Easter as half of the chocolates where egg-shaped.
Bon Bon Fine Chocolate
Each piece was a luxurious experience. Each piece was made from Belgian chocolate, in dark, milk and white. A bite into each one turned out as a surprise too as we don't know the flavours of the chocolates. One had hazelnut, another had orange filling. Whatever flavour or filling though, their chocolates were decadent and satiates the call for great tasting chocolate.
Bon Bon Fine Chocolate
Bon Bon Fine Chocolate
We enjoyed these chocolates on Easter Monday and it went so well with tea. 

I checked Bon Bon's website and I saw that they have a cafe in Strand Arcade and they also sell stuff like spreads, nougat, chocolate bars and bags of nuts in chocolate coating. I hope the Husband and I can visit the cafe soon. 

Store & Cafe: 
412-414 George St.
Shop 33 The Strand Arcade
Phone: 02 9232 2992

Store in QVB:
455 George St.
Queen Victoria Building
Phone: 02 9268 0675