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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Coffee Date at Coco Cubano

It's been a long time since I've caught up with one of my dear friends and thankfully Meds and I found time to sit down and have a meal a few weeks after I came back from Japan. 

We both love drinking coffee and so I invited her to visit my area so we can have good coffee at Coco Cubano.
We met up in the middle of the afternoon and I haven't had my lunch so we ordered food as well. I got the Classic Burger made up of Wagyu Beef sandwiched in between cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. It's huge and very filling. I enjoyed eating this juicy burger with Coco Cubano's chunky chips. 
Meds, on the other hand, got Garlic Pizza. We both love this simple pizza. Very cheesy just the way we like it.
After our coffee date, Meds shared a photo of her artwork on IG. I love it! She made an art diary of our coffee date. She's amazing! She's captured our meal, coffee and even our Japan photobooks which I shared with her, all thru an artwork.
It was a great catch-up that lasted til dinner time. Meds and I are the kind of friends where we could talk for hours and still have something to talk about. It's the kind of friendship I'm grateful for.

Coco Cubano
Level 4, Westpoint Blacktown
Phone: 02 9676 4444