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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Highlights of My Long Weekend

Friday (28 Sept) night dinner with friends Chloe, Catherine and Kamus at Takeru (Japanese Resto) where we shared four entrees, an appetizer and a salad.

Dessert at Lindt Cafe which turned out to be a blessing because as soon as we arrived at Lindt, we heard a sudden commotion outside---fireworks were being lit!!!! It was so beautiful.

For more photos of the lovely night, please click here: Takeru and Lindt Cafe with Girlfriends

Saturday (29 Sept), Hang out at the Woodcroft Lake Festival...

For more photos, please click here: Woodcroft Lake Festival

...and Tito Joey's birthday party!

Tito Joey and his daughter Elsie and nephew Patrick

Sunday (30 Sept), badminton with friends at the Olympic Park and then lunch at Bahay Kubo (again!).

For more photos, please click here: Badminton and Lunch at Bahay Kubo

Sunday night, we celebrated Ina's 12th birthday

Monday (yesterday), I just stayed home and rested. My body was sore due to badminton and I slept most of the day. And I worked on some post wedding thing I needed to do for my wedding coordinator---if something comes out of the assignment she gave me, I'll let you know (fingers crossed)!

Some side kwentos:
Chris called me yesterday morning at 5:38am (I know coz I checked the time before answering the phone) and our conversation went like this:

C: Hi baby! Good morning!

I: Hello??? (yawn)

C: Anong ginagawa mo?

I: Natutulog

C: Bakit di pa nagbibihis

I: Walang pasok dito

C: Anong meron?

I: Labour Day

C: Ay sorry....

After a few minutes, we hung up. Oh ha? Even if my sleep was disturbed, I can't help but smile. At least he remembered to call for no special reason.

Here's another one that made me smile today:

Patrick, my 6-year old cousin was eating/licking a vanilla popsicle after dinner and with so many melted vanilla all over his lips and chin, he said "Ate, wanna taste?" Without replying, I just leaned down on him coz I thought he was gonna give the vanilla popsicle to me, he instead smeared more vanilla on his mouth and kissed me on the lips! Awww how sweet, such innocence from a child! And all I had to say to that was "Wow, sarap naman!" Pertaining to his kiss and to taste of vanilla on my lips.