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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Meme #2 - 8 Facts About Me

Tagged by Edong and Eve (pareho pa kayong E).

Since I've done this meme before, I thought of a different way of telling another set of 8 facts about me. And this time, I will base it on the things I keep by my bedside table! They say you can tell alot about a person when you see the things around his/her room, so I will show a small part of my bedroom---tada!!!!

Here's my bedside table:

Fact #1 - My Holy Family Figurine (in between our (chris and i) b&w framed photo and the starbucks mug)

I'm a devoted Catholic and I have a very strong belief in my faith. Although I'm not a religious person (read: hindi ako showy), I have my way of praising and loving God. And I'm very loyal to my faith. This was my biggest consideration when I was in the stage of finding a partner before. Kundi rin lang kami pareho ng mapapangasawa ko ng religion, hindi na lang, kahit okay sya sa lahat ng bagay. Although I have so much respect for other religions (nag-aaral din ako minsan ng teachings ng ibang religion for the sake of learning), pero pagdating sa pag-aasawa, my husband and I should have the same faith. Kung ibang religion si Chris, we'll only stay as friends kahit mahal ko pa sya. Mas love ko ang faith ko more than anything else.

Fact #2 - My Noli Me Tangere book

Idol ko si Rizal :) Whenever I say this phrase, everyone would laugh at me. I know it sounds ridiculous coming from me but that's the truth. I really like Rizal. I get a lot of inspiration from him and the things he accomplished when he was still alive. And for me, one of the greatest books I've read is the Noli Me Tangere which has to be near me coz I always read it whenever I feel like it.

Fact #3 - Photographs of Chris and My Parents

The three most important persons in my life are Chris and my parents that's why when I wake up in the morning and before going to sleep at night, I have to see their beautiful faces. Chris and my parents are my most treasured gifts. It is important to me that they are happy, healthy and safe. Their love for me keeps me human at all times.

Fact #4 - My Eyeglasses

I can't live without my eyeglasses especially when I need to read. I have two eyeglasses: (1) for the office and (2) for the home. I hate bringing my eyeglasses to and from work and sometimes I forget, so I had to have two. I started wearing glasses when I was 14 years old. Yes, I was a high school geek! I got my eyes dysfunctional at an early age due to reading books--that's how much of a bookworm I was.

Fact #5 - My Stuffed Bears

I love stuffed toys!!! I still sleep hugging a Stitch stuffed toy until now. Let me introduce you to two of my favorite stuffed toys:

The "I love you" Bear was Chris' first Christmas gift to me when we became steady in 2002. The bear was inside a canister and he came with four CDs made by Chris and a Christmas card.

The Starbucks Bearista has a female counterpart which I gave to Chris last Christmas 2005. One time, binulungan ako ni Bearista, "Nanay (referring to me), sana dumating na si Tatay (referring to Chris) para magkita na kami ng partner ko (referring to the Starbucks Female Bearista). Oh ha? ang sweet diba?

Fact #6 - My Stitch Figurine

I love Stitch!!!!! And this small figurine is very special to me because this came from a cute little boy named Patrick! Here's the story behind this little character: Patrick (my 6 year old cousin) when to Disneyland Hongkong with family. At the onset of the trip, he asked his mom, "Mom, where's Ate Ivy? How come she's not with us?" Apparently, the little boy was used to having me around during their family trips because I stay with them at home. My Tita said Patrick missed me a lot during their HK trip and since they arrived in Disneyland, he never stopped saying "Mom, we have to buy Stitch for Ate Ivy." And so he bought me this!!! :) I was so touched he remembered :)

Fact#7 - Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion

I love love the smell of this baby lotion especially before going to sleep. I'm not used to putting lotion before going to bed (I'm actually very lazy to put anything on my body before going to bed) so I put it beside the bed so I'll have no choice but to put some on even if only on my hands.

Fact #8 - Chapstick Classic Lip Balm

I can't sleep without putting lip balm or petroleum jelly on. I'm such a lip gloss/lip balm girl, I really can't live without it. Makalimutan ko nang i-mosturize lahat wag lang ang lips ko hehehe. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night just to put some on--I know, I know--OA na ito!!! :) Basta, anytime, anywhere, kailangan may lip balm---I hate chapped lips.

So there, another 8 facts about me. Thanks Edong and Eve for thinking of me.

My turn to tag: Those who still love playing in rain, you're tagged!!!!