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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Remembering Hongkong

I finally found the time to scan four of our souvenir photos from our Hongkong honeymoon.

The photo above was taken by our travel agent's photographer when we had a stopover at Baywalk on our way to Disneyland. A similar photo was also pasted on a small plate where it says Hongkong, another souvenir item we had to pay for. This photo reminds me of our first day in Hongkong (although this was taken on our second day hehehe), walking along the Avenue of the Stars, watching the Symphony of Lights, sightseeing at The Peak and enjoyed walking around Central District (Honkong's financial hub).

Now here's two of my favorite photos from our HK trip:

San pa ba kundi sa Disneyland???? I love Disneyland and I love theme parks!

Our second day in was spent mostly at Disneyland where Chris and I became kids for a day. Ang saya-saya namin dito. I wanted to live there!!! hehehe. Imagine living in a fairytale everyday? Who wouldn't want that! Because I loved it here so much, I told Chris that the next time we visit HK, I'd want to stay in Disneyland Resort even for one night only.

Our third day was spent mostly at Shenzhen, China for the Window(s) of the World Tour. We have a souvenir photo but I forgot to scan (boohoo me!). This was also the day we went out night shopping at Mongkok HK.

Now, here's our souvenir photo for our last day:

This was taken before getting on the cable car in Ocean Park. Tatawa-tawa pa ako dyan yun pala eh maiiyak naman pala ako sa cable car ride. I have fear of heights but in order to make the most of my trips, I try to get it over it if I need to get on something. The cable car ride was only 8 minutes but it felt like forever. I was so glad the moment it was over.

I love Hongkong. I haven't been around the world much but this is one city I love because it's like infusing Manila and Sydney together. Manila is very alive and vibrant then Sydney is disciplined and rich. I even mentioned to Chris that how I wish Sydney would be this vibrant, this alive so Sydney won't be so boring. Compared to Manila, Sydney can be very boring.

I want to go back, but next time, I don't want to join the tours anymore. Chris would specifically want to go in the deep deep ends of Hongkong streets, sabi nya gusto nya suyurin ang bawat kalsada ng HK. On the other hand, we still want to do some touristy stuff like going to Lantau Island to see the world's tallest bronzed Budda and hang out by the beach at Repulse Bay. Oh and one more thing we weren't able to do---hang out at bars at night! I'd love to experience HK's nightlife.

As to when we'd go there again, that I wouldn't know. All I know is one day, we'll go back there (hopefully we'll have a kid in tow para mas enjoy ang Disneyland hehe).

For more photos, please click below:

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Personal Note:

I've started writing this entry since August this year (would you believe that!) but its only now that I made the effort to finish the entry in time for our 8th wedding monthsary today. So happy monthsary to us!!!