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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Christmas Shopping Started Today

I officially started Christmas shopping today and the first two special people I bought gifts to was for my Daddy and Mommy. I'm very satisfied with the gifts I got them. Will show photos as soon as they got them. It's gonna be an early present to them as my cuzins will be handing them over on the day they arrive in Manila (Nov 14). I'm so excited!!! I know they're gonna like it. :)

I also got Christmas cards for my Mother-in-law and Brother-in-law. Will just enclose cash so they can buy what they want. Nahihiya rin naman din kasi ako sa mga pinsan ko na magpadala ng madami, baka mapabigat ang dala nila.

At least, for our immediate family in the Phils, we have gifts for them already.

Other than shopping for Christmas presents, I finally had the chance to drop by Officeworks today and got myself a 320 GB External Hardrive. I've back-up all our files in DVDs but I still can't erase it on my PC and laptop so to give me peace of mind, I just got an external hardrive. Which is also in preparation for more captured photographs and videos.

Oh and I got myself a 1 GB Sony USB too, for only $22.++. Good deal!!! :)

My last buy for the day was a hairdryer and hair straightener. It comes as a package deal and it's on sale so I bought it. May hairdryer na, may hair straightener pa. I know technically I don't need a hair straightener but sometimes when going to special events, I do need it. The hairdryer on the other hand is in preparation for my moving out of this place I'm staying at later when Chris is here in Sydney. For two years, nabuhay ako na nanghihiram lang ng hairdryer sa pinsan ko. Bigla kong na-realize na dapat meron na rin pala akong sariling hairdryer dahil lilipat ako ng bahay.

What about you? Have you started you Christmas shopping already? Have you bought something for yourself too?