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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Emperor's Cream Puffs (Chinatown, Sydney)

A walk towards one end of Dixon Street in Chinatown will usually result to the wonderful aroma of sweet custard drifting in the air.  Have a look at the side of the street and you'll probably see people queue up at a small window.  The sign "Emperor's Cream Puff" looks discreet that the only indication that it exist would be the many people waiting to get a hold of these cute and delicious custard-filled puffs.

For 30cents each or AUD$1.00 for four pieces, it is a good deal.

Production of the cream puffs are non-stop.  As long as there are people lining up and ordering, their machine continuously creates one after another.  The cream puffs are given to the customers fresh and hot.

The bite-sized, fluffy cream puffs are filled with smooth egg custard.  I find this quite addicting because it's soft and so easy to eat.
If you're in Chinatown, this is one of the food shops worth lining up for.

Emperor's Cream Puff
beside Emperor's Garden Restaurant
96-10 Hay Street
Haymarket, Sydney 2000