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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cuzins Catch-up at Sushi Rio

We finally found time off from our mundane lives to have a Cuzins Catch-up last night (yes, that's how we spell "cuzins" since time immemorial). Everyone seemed to be celebrating something. Clare and I became permanent at work, Ayie got 3 (or was it 4?) high distinctions at Uni and Dennis had recently start work at a new deparment at work. Stooge (Clare's better half and pseudo cousin-in-law) also got a permanent job at the Aussie Immigration.

But the biggest celebration of all is the upcoming vaycay of Dennis, Clare and Stooge in Manila and Tokyo. Them three are visiting one of the Cuzins Crew, Dominic (living with fiancee Therese) in Tokyo and then will spend 18 days of shopping, eating out and doing fun stuff in Manila. We're all very excited for them.

We had dinner at Sushi Rio and these were the food I ate:

Crumbed Prawns with Side Salad

Salmon with Avocado and Cheese (yum, yum, yum!!!)

Eel with Avocado (my first time to eat this, not bad though)

This is a mini-sushi and it's probably Salmon too

There's chicken inside and is topped with creamy cheese!

I had more photos of food than of people last night! My cuzins know me so well that before they eat their food, they'd say "Alright, take a photo now before I eat them." We love eating out and taking photos of what we eat and drink. We really are a family who loves photographs, I guess it's really in the genes hehehe.

There were only two photos of people last night, one was of Stooge....

He didn't actually want a photo of himself but of his back!

Then of course, we had to have an official Cuzins Catch-up photo:

The Cuzins Crew has a very special bond that even if we have different cultural orientations (I'm from the Phils, two were from America and the rest came from Aussie) we get along really really well, it also amazes us. Everytime we have holidays together, we cherish them and just have tons of fun. We share each others' secrets that only we know, we are protective of each other and we love each other to bits. There's 10 of us (mother's side) and everytime our holidays/reunions end, we cry heaps. How we wish to be in one country, but we are happy where we are now even if we miss each other terribly. For now, we just plan and look forward to visiting each others' countries.

After dinner, we walked around the city looking for this ice cream resto only to find it freakin' closed, so we ended up having coffee at Gloria Jeans. It was a fun, happy night as usual with my cuzins.