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Thursday, December 20, 2007

11th Monthsary

How time flies. Next month we'll be celebrating our 1st Wedding Anniversary.

I guess Chris and I are very excited to celebrate our 1st Anniversary--he called me twice today :) Even if we won't be together next month, we'd still be very happy to celebrate our anniversary apart.

And since we're celebrating our 11th month today, trivia time muna tayo:

Did you know that when we got engaged, we were very quiet about it? Kasi when we got engaged, we just got engaged. We just know that we will marry sooner or later. But we didn't have any wedding plans, no date, no church venue, nothing at all. We were so vague so we just kept the news to family members only.

Did you know that initially Chris wanted a Baguio wedding? But we defferred the idea because I wanted the wedding celebration to be accessible to all our family and friends.

Did you know that our original wedding date was supposedly January 2008? That's why we will always be thankful that the January 2007 wedding happened. Imagine, dapat pala single and engaged pa rin kami ngayon. But God is good, he gave Chris the opportunity to work abroad, that really helped a lot in speeding things up for us.

Did you know that when we were conceptualizing the wedding, Chris made a statement that he didn't want the wedding to be too pink? So I started researching on colors that will look good with pink. And what a surprise when he submitted all his artworks for the wedding---it was all shades of pink!!!!! That's why I feel so loved whenever I see his creations for the wedding.

Did you know that Chris and I like working on any projects we can get our hands on? We like working together, professionally or not. I think our respect and admiration had a lot to do with it. We are aware of our strengths and weaknesses. When one has an idea, we never killed it, we just listened and stayed as objective as possible. Most importantly, we always bear in our minds and hearts that we are a team no matter what happens.

Did you know that when Chris and I were still friends but were already beginning to like each other, I prayed, "Jesus, if you will give him to me, I will take care of him."? It was the first time that I prayed like that, so simple, not asking much, but more on giving, not taking. Prayers do come true when you have pure intentions.

And so tonight, I will pray again (as I do everyday) and thank Jesus once again (even if I thank him everyday) for letting me take care of Chris for the rest of my life.