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Friday, June 20, 2008

17th Month (Phantom of the Opera)

Last night we celebrated our 17th month a day earlier (today's our monthsary) by watching "The Phantom of the Opera". I realized that for the past 5 years of being together, I never introduced Chris to "my art", it's always been "his art"--graphic design, photography, exhibits, etc. And so I bought tickets to The Phantom of the Opera in February (tickets were selling like hotcakes, May schedules were already sold out!) so I can share my love for theatre with him.

According to him, the only plays he had ever watched in Manila was "Noli Me Tangere", El Filibusterismo" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and for me that doesn't count at all, coz they're the kind of plays one had to watch when you're studying Secondary School in the Philippines. So in effect, this was Chris' first time to watch a play--and I'm glad it was The Phantom of the Opera that we watched.

It was also Chris' first time to go to Star City (Sydney's Las Vegas), this was where we had dinner at Trophies.

Our dinner: some Chinese BBQ Pork and Roast Duck

Infront of Star City where they have this big Phantom of the Opera paraphernalias

Chris' first time to see a Musical Play...this was infront of the Lyric Theatre in Star City

Very excited to see The Phantom of the Opera as I heard it has the best production ever.

The Lyric Theatre was full even on a Thursday...there was not an empty seat on the theatre last night.

The Phantom of the Opera was the most spectacular play I've ever watched. It is indeed the musical that has the best production from costumes to stage set-ups for every scenes. The actors were sooooo good--all had equally powerful voices but it was The Phantom's voice that I fell inlove with. Other than the voices, all did well in acting too.

It is from this musical where the song "All I Ask of You" (which I've always loved since I was in High School) was from and now that I've seen it sung in this play, the song has more meaning to me, more heartfelt knowing why it was sung and which part of the story it was sung. I fell inlove with the song all over again.

Chris enjoyed his first musical (yay!!!!) and I'm so glad he liked it as much as I did. This morning when he woke up he looked for his "All I Ask of You" MP3 and played it while he was surfing the net. I guess my love for theatre rubbed off on him aye? Success!!!!

After the show, we hang out a bit for a hot chocolate at the Lyric Cafe and to end the night going thru the scenes we love best.

In Act One, these were the scenes that made an impact on us:

Scene 4 where The Phantom and Christine (the lead female) were in the Labyrinth Underground singing "Phantom of the Opera."

Scene 5 where The Phantom sings "Music of the Night" to Christine in his secret hideaway place.

Scene 10 where Raoul and Christine sings "All I Ask of You" on the roof of the Opera House.

In Act Two:

Scene 1 where the unforgettable and vibrant Masquerade was sung.

Scene 9, of course who would forget the last scene? This was where The Phantom had to let Christine go even if he loved her so much.

Since we had an advanced 17th month celebration last night, we stayed home today and only went out to do some grocery shopping. We also catched up on sleep...hindi na talaga ako sanay magpuyat.

Other than introducing Chris to my love for theatre I have decided that we should once in a while see a play instead of a movie. A different form of art, a more enriching learning experience. So next month, we are seeing another musical play.