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Friday, June 20, 2008

Apple Store Opened In Sydney Yesterday


The Apple Store Sydney is the second largest of its kind after the Apple Store in Regent St, London. It spans three floors and offers personal shopping, free computer training, and a 20m-long "Genius Bar" staffed by Apple experts. It will also host exclusive iTunes Live music performances starting on July 3rd.

Read the rest of the what happened yesterday at the Opening of the Apple Store here.

Because Chris was very very excited when he learned that an Apple Store will open in Sydney, we went to yesterday's opening to join the crowd in welcoming the 1st Apple Store in the Southern Hemisphere.

It was simply an unbelievable and happy occassion in Sydney last night. We weren't able to go inside the store but we were equally happy just waiting outside for the store open and felt everyone's excitement around us.

Here are some photos we took:

At 3:00PM the Apple staff were waving to Apple customers outside

Customers waited outside the Apple store, brought their chairs and camped out a night before the opening. The first customer that entered the Apple Store came from America.

(4:45PM) Front part of the Apple Store

(4:45PM) Onlookers at the other side of the street

At exactly 5:00PM, the Apple Store opened!!!

(5:15PM) Three levels of "Apple-ness"

The one who dreams of owning a Mac someday, He just had to have a photo with the Apple Store before we left.

This was the most dangerous shoot we've ever done so far as we had to go from one side of the street to another. At one point we also had a stampede scare when the Apple Store was about to open because there was just so many people infront of the Apple Store. But it was all good and we were exhilarated that we were able to rub elbows with some of the photographers from newspapers and TV networks. We will go back on Monday to explore the Apple Store inside.