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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Money Saving Tips

Just some tips I got from an early morning TV show I was watching while having breakfast today:

Cut down on coffee...according to him, cutting down to 1 coffee a day will not only benefit your finances but your health as well.

Ration only 1 magazine a week, or don't buy at all (everything can be found on the internet these days anyway). And why not go to the library to borrow books instead of buying at bookstores?

Bring lunch to work.

Dine in at home...cut down dining at restaurants to once a week.

According to the man the host was interviewing (he was probably some financial analyst or something), if we're able to cut down on our lifestyle expenses (likes the ones mentioned above), we would be able to save at least AUS$250 per month.

Not bad huh?