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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Floriade 2008 (Canberra)

Let me "jologify" two things we learned on the day we went to Canberra for the Floriade: (1) It's always a blessing in the skies and (2) You can never can tell. :)

On the eve of our roadtrip, Teena sent an email to everyone asking for a Plan B because there was a forecast of numerous showers and possible thunderstorm in Canberra. My only reply to the email was for everyone to bring an umbrella since we had no choice but to still go as this was planned during our Snowy Mountains trip (that was in August), besides it's not as if Floriade would run for a long time. We actually decided on the 2nd to the last weekend of Floriade Festival as everyone was busy in September.

Saturday morning, we were supposed to leave Sydney at 6:15am but for some reason that Jackie cannot explain we were an hour late (peace Jack!). Nothing to worry as we had the whole day to burn anyway.

A pleasant surprise for me and Teena was that Jackie had to join us inside the car because the Gillegos had relatives who joined them.

So what happens when three friends get together during a roadtrip??? Instant sleepover party!!!! Ang kikay-kikay namin!!! :)

Ninety percent of our roadtrip was all rain and gloom. We expected the worst when we arrive in Canberra--that we would never be able to enjoy it or even go around the garden, that our shoes would be all muddy and we'd be soaked to death. But we were hopeful nonetheless, na kahit 2 hours lang sana pagbigyan kami. We even bargained: that even if it's cloudy or gloomy as long as there's no rain, that would be fine with us. At wala ring tigil si Teena sa pag-sundance sa loob ng kotse!! Kakanood lang kasi niya ng "A Very Special Love" (inggit ako hehehe).

We dropped by a certain McDonald's (we don't know the exact location basta ang nasa isip namin para kaming na SLEX) for breakfast. We were famished. Chris and I both had muffins and hash browns, then had to order pancakes (bitin sa muffins!).

The first "it's a blessing in the skies" and "you can never can tell" moment was finding Janet and Archie's family in McDonald's too! Instant cocktail party at McDo ang drama kaso coffee at juice ang hawak instead of wine and spirits. There were eight of us and there was only one table (punuan sa McDo what do you expect?) so para magkaka-level ang lahat, we just stood up most of the time we were having breakfast.

And because we've missed Janet during our September get-together, we can't help but have a photograph with her (artistahin!). People were looking at us, wondering why we're taking photos inside McDo but who cares???

Back on the road after our 30-minute breakfast. After another hour and a half of driving, we finally saw the Telstra Tower (isang senyales na malapit na kami sa aming destinasyon) and lo and behold, the skies were clearing up, we're finally seeing blue!!! Yipee!!!! There is light at the end of the very dark, wet and long tunnel.

Arrived at Canberra at 11:30am. In order to be full and ready for walking the whole afternoon, we decided to have early lunch at the in parking lot. :P

While having lunch, we had a weather scare---coz it drizzled a bit! But we were like "Bahala na talaga si Batman!" Enjoy-mode na lang talaga kami because we travelled for three hours just to be there.

After lunch we gathered up our things and geared up for the Floriade Festival! I was sooo excited! Another first time for me and Chris...I really waited for him to be here so we can experience the Floriade together.

All roads lead to the Floriade

Flowers in the Middle of the Street

As we entered Floriade, the sun miraculously shone and this spectacular sight welcomed us...oh-em-gee! :) It's soooo beautiful!

Lots and lots of Tulips everywhere!!!

This year's theme is "Films That Shaped Our Nation" so the formation of the flowers were based on Australia's favorite films. One example is the Crocodile Dundee movie.

Other films featured (the ones I know) were Happy Feet and Babe. But I didn't really care about the formations of these garden beds. I'm so in awe of all the beautiful flowers around me that I didn't really notice whether they're forming something or what. All I know is that I love it!!! I love the Floriade! :)

Because the sun was out during the whole time we were exploring the Floriade, wala talaga kaming masabi kungdi "It's really a blessing in the skies" at "You can never can tell" hahaha. We realized that it was meant for us to be late after all, because had we been early, we wouldn't be able to go around because according to one of our friends who was there early, it rained in the morning.

The weather was perfect during our Floriade adventure. Although there were times when the clouds would block the sun, it was all good as long as it doesn't rain. The sun was hot most times but there was a cool breeze from time to time, so we weren't sweating much.

We left Floriade at 5:00pm and had one stopover at The Bakery of Goulburn for early dinner.

The Bakery of Goulburn has got the best pies this side of town. Chris and I had a meat pie each, potato wedges and hot chocolate. Yummy and filling.

On the last leg of our roadtrip, we braved thunderstorms on the way home while talking of childhood experiences in the Philippines. Never a dull moment with my girls.

Special thanks to Louie and Teena for the ride and sundance hehe; to Jojo and Jackie, Archie and Janet, Che and Dom for the great company. Mwah!!!

I've already uploaded some of our photos:

Off We Go To Canberra

Lunch at Canberra

Floriade!!! (Flowers and Faces Album)

and is currently working on another Floriade album that will comprise of the flower shots we took. Until now, I'm still on a Floriade high :) I hope to be back next year...and hopefully may mga "blessing in the skies" moments uli.