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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bondi Beach

This is probably the most spontaneous travel reunions we had. Since my Mom and Tita Cyn's been here several times, there is no urgency to explore places while they're here. As for my Dad, no pressure as well, as my parents will be here til the end of May. We're going places as leisurely as possible.

So every morning, what we do is just get Mom will call me (my parents are staying at my Tita Bess' place so that my Aunties can spend a lot of time together) to tell me to get ready coz they will be picking me up in an hour.

This morning, when I jumped inside the car, I asked, "Where are we going today?". They replied, "Bondi!!". Yay!!! I have only been to Bondi once and I've been wanting to see it again since Chris arrived last year. Never mind that I didn't bring enough photography gears with me (I almost didn't bring my DSLR coz I thought we were just going to the mall today)--no polarizer, no flash, no diffuser--just my the DSLR with kit lens.

Good thing, the weather was so beautiful today...hence, a picturesque Bondi Beach welcomed us when we arrived.

Tita Cyn

Watching The Waves

My Parents in Bondi Beach

My Mom

Tita Bess and Tita Cyn

Naglaro ang mga bata hehe.

Sunny weather with a cool breeze...the sand felt warm on our feet...but the water was sooo cold.

All the Ladies in the House!

My Dad took this photo but he said something funny (as always hehe), hence the laughter.

Feeling Tourist in Bondi!!

This was only my second time in Bondi that's why I asked Dad to take a photo of me--souvenir!!! :)

Any Bondi Beach experience won't be complete without Fish & Chips, so we had lunch by the beach and savored the freshness of deep-fried Fish with crispy Chips dipped in Tartare Sauce.

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out at Bondi's Westfield Mall.