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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Snippets of a Hectic Sunday

Celebrated the feast of St. Joseph at St. Michael's Parish in the morning. It was a big celebration as there was a Filipino Fiesta for the parishioners--free food served by the different Fillipino organizations in Blacktown.

Before we left, we had our new "baby" baptized.

Stopped by our Tita Ma's place, hung out there for a bit, then went straight to Woodcroft to greet David a happy 1st birthday.

It was a costume party but Chris and I informed Pam that we will try our best to at least drop by. Just very busy with family affairs so we didn't really have time to prepare costumes for the party.

Jon was there as a soldier.

Cowgirl Che and Cowboy Dom was there too!

Short chitchat with Helen and Pam.

We only stayed for 30 minutes, then sped off to Parklea where the rest of the clan was waiting for us.

After shopping at Parklea, we went back to Tita Bess' place for dinner.

Hectic, hectic...but fun, fun, fun.