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Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank God For Long Weekends

Spent another long weekend so can I take my parents out on Friday, spend time at home and hang out with the Husband.

Friday we went to Sydney Olympic Park so my Dad can see the place.

My ulterior motive was for them to taste the best ribs in Australia (for me, that is). We had lunch at Ribs and Rumps (I made a resturant review here).

After a hearty lunch, we just had a bit of walking around Olympic Park then went back to Blacktown for dessert at Max Brenner.

My Dad likes Capuccino and was amused to see a unique way of serving Capuccinos in Max Brenner. It was served in what they call as a Kangaroo Cup.

The Kangaroo Cup has a sort of a pouch on one side where a a piece of chocolate is placed. The cup's irregularly-shaped plate had a Kangaroo drawn on it. Cute!

As for the taste, my Dad says their Capuccinos tasted very chocolate-y. Yummy!

On Sunday, the Husband and I went out for a movie date--Angels and Demons.

I love it! For me, it was better than "The Da Vinci Code" movie.

Happy Monday everyone!