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Sunday, December 20, 2009

35th, The Month Before The 3rd

Our wedding monthsary is today but we had an early celebration on Friday night because we just want to stay home all day before I go back to work tomorrow.

We also realized that this month is also the "celebration" of our 7th syota-nniversary (7 years ago we became a boyfriend-girlfriend). How time flies, aye? Sometimes we still can't believe how things fell into place for us. Everyday, we are just grateful that we are together thru thick and thin.

This monthsary is but a fitting celebration for what we have gone thru in terms of my health condition. I am eternally blessed to have a husband who instead of running scared since we learned about my health dilemma in August, turned out to be my greatest source of strength--the one who embraced the biggest challenge in our marriage with open arms. Even if I never wanted him to experience my health concerns, he made sure he was simply there. What we've gone thru in the past months is not the end of challenges in our married life, we're sure there will be more. But today I'm more than at peace with the thought that my Husband and I are really a team even in our most darkest days. Thank you God, thank you Universe for bringing us together.

Now, let's talk about celebrations. Since I've been bored at home and I needed some cheering up as well, Husband took the liberty of making me feel like a queen. He arrived on Friday afternoon with loots from Mango. Then took me to dinner at one of our favorite restos that serve yummy Pad Thai (Noodle extra).

After dinner, we went around the mall to look for clothes. The rest of the year, we seldom buy clothes but since it's Christmas time and there are parties to attend to, I told him this is a great excuse for us to buy new clothes--you know, so we'd look presentable hehe. However, we went home empty-handed. We went back Saturday afternoon though and it was then that we bought a few items.

The movie "Avatar" was scheduled at 9PM so we decided to have coffee at Coffee Culture. I was kind of sleepy already anyway.

I had my usual Choffee and it kept me awake the whole night.

The movie was great! I love it. I will share my thoughts about it later.

Monthsary gifts, dinner, shopping, coffee and a movie. Indeed, a LOVEly way to celebrate a monthsary.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!