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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Only Christmasy Stuff I Bought This Year

This was the only Christmasy stuff I bought this year...a tea towel from holySheet!.

Last year, we bought a few Christmas decors since it was our first Christmas together at a place of our own. Husband and I had fun rummaging thru loads of Christmas decors at Myer, it brought out the kid in us.

This year, I told the Husband that we should give ourselves a break from buying Christmas stuff this year. He asked me if I wanted us to have a Christmas tree (the big green one) but I declined. The logical side of me doesn't want to engage in putting up a Christmas tree only to bring it down after four weeks. I'd rather we spend our money and time unto something more practical. Anyway, what's important is family togetherness in honor of the birth of Christ and thanksgiving for the year that happened than any trimmings one could find. Maybe some other time we would have a Christmas tree, but not this year.

For this year, I'm just going to bring out our year-old decors. I believe that is enough as the Christmas spirit is in our hearts anyway--sparkly, bright and very very festive.