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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Today was a long day for me. Lots of emotions involved.

I went out today for the first time since my operation last week because my stitches were taken out by my doctor. I can walk now but I'm slow as a turtle.

Meeting with the doctor was a relief. He showed me photographs of the operation--yes, my insides (gross I know but I was very objective when I saw it) were shown to me, blood and all. The good news was he was able to save whatever part of my body he needed to save. Another good news is that my recuperation is going pretty well. I'm advised to rest til next week.

Since we were out already, I told the Husband to take me to the mall, you know, just to see people. Plus, we needed to buy some grocery stuff too. I was very careful walking along other shoppers and sat down whenever I'd feel pain or dizziness. It felt good (although tiring) to be out again.

After our short trip to the shops, we headed straight to our relatives' place to be with them. Our family is going thru a crisis right now, a family member is very sick (but will positively recover soon) and we needed to be there for each other. Not to mention that today is also the day my Dad's family laid our Tatay Igmedio to rest. I feel overwhelmed but being with family helps ease whatever heaviness I'm feeling.

I'm glad I have a Husband whom I can talk to about my feelings, who truly listens and who also loves my family like his own. When we arrived home, we had some quiet time at the dining table--I just needed to talk. Wine, Gambas and olives, we talked of things we are blessed with this year even with the challenges we faced. I told him we had a crazy year (and the year hasn't even ended yet), he said it's okay because we faced craziness together.