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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hen's Party at The Tea Room, Drinks at The Royal George

I had one of the most fabulous afternoons with my girls on Saturday (10 April 2010).
In celebration of our good friend Hilda's birthday and upcoming wedding, we organized a Hen's party for her at The Tea Room.

It was a High Tea affair so we all dressed up to the nines as we sipped our choice of tea/coffee and enjoyed delicious cakes, pastries, sandwiches and scones.

The pastries and sandwiches were served in three-tiered serving racks on very classy English-inspired plates. Not only did our table looked so alive with all the food but the dining ware and glassware made it more vibrant and abundant. It was so lovely.

The food was a winner. Not only did they looked inviting and cute but they tasted great too. Worth every penny spent. 

My plate: a slice of egg sandwich, a scone (it's big!) and a mini-cupcake.

Since we were in a celebratory mood, we had champagne!!! Happiness is drinking champagne at 12 noon with your girlfriends haha! :).

I was the official photographer of the event but my Husband also came with me to the restaurant so he can take photos of the group for a few minutes. The minute the food were being served he left me to my own devices.

This was my first time to shoot a Hen's party and I'm very challenged by the fact that the star of the day is a friend of mine. I have seen Hilda in so many different light and we have gone thru a lot of good and bad times together. There is a certain level of familiarity between us already because we practically treat each other as sisters. I was afraid that familiarity will make me take some things for granted when I'm taking photographs of her.

Days before this event, I had to think of different scenarios inside my head. I came up with a very concrete idea on what I want to capture that day. Other than the food, the place and the scenes that will take place, I wanted to capture her--her glow, her peace and her happiness.

And this was what I have captured. Here's the lovely and glowing bride-to-be. I'm so so happy for her. 

The group gave her a tiara and sash to wear.

This was not the usual hen's party where you have strippers or naughty games but nevertheless, we played a couple of games and we enjoyed it. Rachelle won on the first game, while I won during the second game. 

As a token for everyone's presence, I made Girly Loot Bags and gave them to the girls. I called it a Girly Loot Bag because each bag contained body wash, lotion, lip gloss and nail emery boards.

After High Tea, some of the girls went home but some of us decided to have more drinks at a bar. My Husband joined us so he took care of taking photos so I can just focus on having fun with my girls.

Rache, Yons, Hilda and I walking in the streets of Sydney.
(This photo reminded me of the Sex in the City girls walking in the streets of New York. I love it!!!!)

We found ourselves a the Ivy (yes, that's the name of the place). The Ivy is a compound of bars and restaurants. It's one of nicest places to dine here in Sydney.

We had drinks at The Royal George. Talked some more...laughed some more.

It was one of those perfect Saturday afternoons with friends. We all had a great time especially the Bride-to-be.


To all the girls, for the great time, the laughter and for joining in all the fun. We shall continue this party on the wedding.

To Michelle, for organizing the whole event and for bringing all of us together.

To Rachelle, for the bubblies.

To Abby, for the games that made the afternoon more exciting.

To my husband Chris, who helped me in preparing the Girly Loot Bags, for helping me take photos and for patiently tagging along with us after the High Tea Party. I know you don't mind helping out but I'm truly grateful that you chose to spend your time with us instead of stay home and rest.

To Hilda, thank you for spending your Hen's Party with us. Your friendship means a lot to all of us, no matter what happens, we are always here for you.

All photos by Chris and Ivy Sanchez, Copyright 2010
Canon 7D with 17-85mm lens and Canon 400D with Fujinon 55mm lens
Flash: Canon 430EX