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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reflective "Me" Time on Maundy Thursday

Here in Australia, we still have work on Maundy Thursday but from where I work, we were given a free half-day if we go to work on Thursday. I left work as soon as I finished my morning tasks and met up with the Husband for lunch. For a change, I wanted to eat fastfood coz I craved for Hungry Jack's onion rings.

After lunch, we walked towards QVB checked out this funky store called Bristol and Brooks where you can find designer gifts and amusing, cool stuff for the home

After a few minutes of walking along George Street, the Husband went back to work so I decided to hang out at Hyde Park. I especially brought along my Canon 400D with the Fujinon 55mm lens for some test shots at the park.

I took photos of flowers...

of trees....

of park benches...

of people sleeping on benches....

and the park.

I'm amazed at how powerful and sharp the vintage Fujinon lens is. I love it.

Stayed at the park for a while. Walked around and then at one point, sat in one of benches and just watched people pass by. Listened for the sounds of nature and life around me and most of all reflect. No matter how hurried some people were around me that time, I felt a certain peace coming out of me...of my heart.

Before I went home, I continued my "me" time at a nearby Starbucks for a cup of Cafe Mocha and a slice of New York Cheesecake to celebrate one of my recent achievements at work (which happened the day before).

It was one lovely afternoon of great weather. It may not be the ideal, quiet Maundy Thursday that I usually celebrate in the Phils, but nevertheless, my quality "me" time was filled with serenity, joy and gratitude for the life I have and the life I'm living.

All photos by Ibyang Sanchez, Copyright 2010.
Canon 400D and Fujinon 55mm lens.