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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Korean BBQ at Home (a.k.a Our Christmas Dinner 2011)

We've always loved Korean cuisine even way before we travelled to Seoul.  Together with friends, the Husband and I sometimes dine at  Korean BBQ restaurants in the metro.  

After our Seoul adventure, I took the plunge of incorporating Korean cuisine in the household and learned cooking Korean dishes such as making my own KimchiKimchi Stew, Tuna Pancake and Korean Fried Chicken.  Our pantry showcases a heap of ingredients for Korean dishes (lots of chili and pepper paste!) and we even keep a separate area  in our silverware cabinet for the Korean cutlery we bought in Seoul.

Three months ago, we bought a small, cheap smokeless griller and we've been having our own Korean BBQ dinners at home.  

I usually cook a dish or two on Christmas Day but last year (which is technically just two weeks ago) was probably the most relaxed Christmas for me because I didn't cook.  We instead had Korean BBQ on our balcony during sunset, ate, talked, laughed and drank Soju to our hearts' content.  It was lovely.  

Korean BBQ at Home

The usual stuff we prepare for Korean BBQ:  Sesame Oil, Chili Oil, Kimchi, Sliced Onions, Mushrooms, Lettuce and any other vegetable we may have inside the fridge.  On Christmas day, we had bean sprouts so I just stir-fried it in Olive Oil and carrots then garnished with salt, pepper & Sesame Oil.

WHERE DID WE GET OUR BOTTLE OF SOJU?  We find it difficult finding where to buy Soju but one of the Korean-Japanese restaurants we frequent in Sydney was kind enough to sell to us and let us take it home.  According to the restaurant owner, the law states that bottled liquor should be drank in the restaurant and not to be taken home (because they are a restaurant and not a liquor store).  What they made us do before we left the restaurant is open the bottle and re-seal it.  With that premise, we technically just took home a "leftover" Soju.

Korean BBQ at Home

We know we have shot glasses but on Christmas day, I can't find it (or maybe we didn't have it after all???). Instead we used our cute and adorable Sake glasses, a gift from our friends.  

Korean BBQ at Home

Korean BBQ at Home

Our BBQs by the balcony is one of the best dining experiences we have at home.  Other than just a gastronomical experience, the Husband and I get to bond more while we talk, laugh and eat.  We have trees and a view in our balcony (we're on the 3rd floor) so it's just beautiful to sit out there as soon as the sun sets.