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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jeanny in Sydney

I met Jeanny online. A casual encounter via Litratong Pinoy (LP) where Filipinos share photographs weekly based on a theme. From LP, we transcended to being plurk friends and it's at plurk that I learned that she will be visiting Sydney for three months for work reasons.

On the first week she arrived here, we immediately met up. On our first rendezvous, My Husband and I took her to a quick visit to QVB (Queen Victoria Building), dinner at Pepper Lunch, dessert at Lindt Cafe and a walk thru Darling Harbour before we went home.

She's a coffeeholic and so I made a point to bring her to some cozy cafes I know. One of which is The Chocolate Room. One Thursday afternoon, we hung out here after work.

This was where she celebrated her birthday and since she likes Korean cuisine, my Husband and I treated her to Korean BBQ!

The place where she stayed had a mini-gym, pool and sauna. Some nights we'd hung out at her apartment, have a good hour at the gym and a few minutes at the sauna. Before I go home, Jeanny and I would eat her delicious pasta dishes. 

Being a photo-enthusiast like me, I invited her to come with us to the Sydney Camera Market one Sunday of March

This was held in the morning so for the rest of the afternoon, we took her to the Fish Market for lunch...

let her experience riding a Metro Light Rail...

and have a quick tour of Star City, the casino place in Sydney.

The days passed by fairly quickly as we both became busy for the past few weeks. Before we knew it, we had our last dinner date and coffee klatch.

Friday night (23 March 2010), My Husband and I took her to dinner by the bay, with the view
of the Harbour Bridge. As a parting gift, we gave her a Starbucks Sydney Tumbler.

After dinner, we hung out by the harbour. Such a beautiful night. My Husband and I would sometimes just hang out by the bay and just appreciate the beauty of Sydney at night. We wanted to share that with Jeanny before she left.

Two nights before departure for Manila, we had coffee at a cozy cafe I found in QVB called Old Vienna Coffee House (more on that later). 

We gave her one last parting gift--guess what this is????'s a USB! :)

We ended our night on a quick walk thru George Street (main street in the city--it's like the equivalent of Ayala Avenue in Manila).
Saying goodbye isn't always easy. I know we've only really met three months ago but with all the great times and company we have shared, I have found a friend in her. We look forward to seeing each other again--in Sydney or Manila--it doesn't matter.

Thanks Jeanny...for your great company, for the friendship and for being the true person that you are. We miss you already.