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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Treats From Lindt Cafe

Since the start of the year, Chris' (the Husband) team had been working on several international projects. He would sometimes have a project with their international branches and he would have to work with them, in sync with their hours. Sometimes, that would mean he would be working in all wee hours of the morning because he'd need to exchange emails with people overseas. This does not occur all the time and a project usually lasts for a week or two only.  
Last week, his team surprised him with a gift. Chris was shocked and touched. The card they gave him amused me.

Since they can't find a card that says "Thanks to a Special Designer", they improvised by erasing the word "teacher". Still, I found what they did to him very sweet.  

What's more sweet were the treats they gave him...a bag full of Lindt goodies.

A box full of chocolates from their Connoisseurs Collection. 24 bite-sized chocolates to be exact.

Lindt's Connoisseurs Collection:
Dark and Milk Almond Roche, Citron Noir
The Truffles: Mint, Milk, White, Dark and Pistachette
Carmelita, Macchiato, V.I.P., Passion, Macadamia and Gianduja

Cute chocolates but rich with flavors. Lindt's chocolate (as in the their cocoa) is just exquisite.

Other than chocolates, their gift included a box of Delice!!!!! They're my favorite!!!!!

It's been awhile since I've had them and have hung out at the Lindt Cafe. I've been thinking of paying Lindt Cafe a visit soon but was just very busy. But I guess, the universe heard my longing and voila! Delice treats!!!


The gifts made my Husband very happy...and it made the Mrs. happy too!

For locations of Lindt Cafe, click here.