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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tintin in Sydney

We met via Multiply then moved on to being tweetmates. A few months ago, she messaged me that she will be visiting Sydney. So even before she arrived, we've made plans to meet and eat (yes, eat!) and explore the streets of Sydney together.

She's Tintin, my blogger friend and tweetheart! :)

It was a rainy Friday two days ago but we pushed thru with our plans and met up. She came with her little boy Tom and her mom (whom she's visiting here) and we all had a rainy rendezvous--some crazy adventure really.

Since we cannot do a lot of sightseeing, never even had some outdoor shots, we stayed indoors and stuffed ourselves with yummy treats instead.

First stop was at the Sydney Fish Market for some good 'ol seafood. We rode the Metro Light Rail (MRL) so Tintin and Tom can experience their first MLR ride.

We had lunch at Deep Seafood and Oyster Bar. As we enjoyed our food, we immersed ourselves in great conversation as we talk of life in the Phils and in Sydney.

For dessert, we took the MLR again and hung out at Darling Harbour for some delicious treats at Lindt Cafe. The whole afternoon, we enjoyed Lindt's Delice, Profiteroles (a.k.a Cream Puffs) and Chocolate Cafe with Lindt's equally yummy beverages. 

Even if it rained on us all afternoon, the great happy company and conversations we had was enough to feel a lot of sunshine inside my heart. Being able to see Tintin (and Tom and Tintin's mom) in person was a heartwarming experience. We hope we'd have a few more dates before she goes back to Manila.