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Monday, June 7, 2010

Vivid Sydney Experience with Friends

As if my lunch and coffee date with Tintin wasn't enough of a gimik for me on Friday, my Husband and I met up with two of our couple friends for dinner at the Circular Quay and saw the the Sydney Opera House in Vivid colors.

Here's our fun couple's night in photographs:

The wifeys...them chatting, me taking photos (which is a usual sight)

The husbands...with their gears & taking photos of us, well except for my Husband who seemed to be modeling the camera

The Journo Husband's dinner

Barbequed Chicken dinner

Busog kaya all smiles!

Vivid Sydney give-away: little flash lights

Vivid Characters roaming around Circular Quay

Another Vivid character...

Lights up! The Sydney Opera House in vivid lights

Triple date

We didn't bring our tripod with us but thanks to my Husband's ingenuity, we were able to take decent shots. Let me leave you with two photos from our Vivid Sydney 2010 Collection (for bigger images click here and here). 

This is Vivid's 2nd time to hold this event, which happens at the last week of Autumn and only lasts for 4 weeks (will end on the the 3rd weekend of June).

We're glad we were able to see this for the 2nd time around and share it with friends. If you want to see our first experience of Vivid Sydney click here.

More VIVID photos coming soon.

Thanks to our friends Jojo and Dom for some of the photos.