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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cafe: Beach and Bush Gallery Cafe (Kiama, NSW Australia)

Part of our Grand Pacific Drive trip last year was a visit to Kiama, a place for water lovers as it offers surfing, diving, fishing, canoeing and windsurfing.  Kiama is also known for the "Kiama Blowhole", the town's major tourist attraction.   Under certain sea conditions, the blowhole can spray water up to 25 metres (82 ft) in the air, in quantities that thoroughly drench any bystanders. 

Kiama Blowhole

We arrived an hour before lunch so we took lots of photos by the lighthouse.

Kiama Lighthouse

And lots of photos of blue, blue seas!!!! 

Lunch was at the Beach and Bush Gallery Cafe.  This cafe is a feast to the senses as they serve good food and has photography gallery.  The photographs were by internationally-known Australian fine image photographer, Gary Barnes.  His work is amazing and breathtaking.

Beach and Bush Gallery Cafe

You can find his photographs posted all over the cafe.

Beach and Bush Gallery Cafe

I vaguely remember what we ate that day.  We had a bowl of Caesar Salad and (based from the photo we took) Grilled Chicken (not sure!).  The name of the dishes we ordered escapes me right now but I assure you that they served us a delicious meal.

Beach and Bush Gallery Cafe

Beach and Bush Gallery Cafe

I love this reminder they have by the counter.  Not only do they guarantee that they will serve quality food but they also encourage everyone to appreciate the gallery and views of Kiama--it's like encouraging us to live in the moment and enjoy being!

Beach and Bush Gallery Cafe

Some of Gary Barnes' photographs are available in postcard format so I bought one as a souvenir.  This was the photo I bought....

photo by Gary Barnes

If ever you are in Kiama, visit the Beach and Bush Gallery.

"A Wife's Charmed Life" visited Beach and Bush Gallery as an anonymous guest on 21 January 2010.

Blowhole Point Road
New South Wales 2533
Ph: 02 4233 1734