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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Restaurant: Manly Phoenix

I'm sorry for the absence of posts.  I've been really busy with so many things these days.  I try my best to update this blog all the time but whenever I get home from work, I feel exhausted sometimes.  Anyway, even if my entries are always late, I will always share my discoveries with you sooner or later.  Thank you dear readers for your loyalty. 

This was where we had lunch on my birthday (yes, an overdue birthday happened in January).  


For my birthday, I wanted something familiar so we had Yum Cha at the Manly Phoenix.  Plus, we love Yum Cha! 

We haven't been to Manly in a long time and it's only in this visit that we learned about the restaurants situated in Manly Wharf.  When we arrived in the morning, we had a walk thru the wharf and the minute we saw Manly Phoenix, I said, "I want Yum Cha!!!  Other than food, I've been wanting to eat at this restaurant for ages but never seem to have the chance.  So finally, after hanging out at the beach and the markets, we went back to Manly Phoenix for lunch.  We were given a good table and this was our view...


It was a hot and sunny day and the skies were so blue.  It was as if God was smiling back at me on my birthday.

Our first order was tea.  Eventhough it was hot, I cannot eat Yum Cha without tea.  It is recommended to drink tea during Yum Cha as it aids in digestion.

As soon as were were seated, the rolling food trays paraded infront of us.  The first thing we grabbed were the pork dimsum. 

Manly Phoenix

Next came the spring rolls. 

Manly Phoenix

Then the pork buns. 

Manly Phoenix

We always order fried rice (we're Filipino a meal won't be complete without rice) even if we have pork buns.  

Manly Phoenix

We partnered the fried rice with two of our favourite Yum Cha treats...Pork Belly with Crispy Skin and 

Manly Phoenix

of course my super favourite, Roast Duck. 

Manly Phoenix

It was one of the most delicious feast I've ever had.  Manly Phoenix's Yum Cha was the best I've ever tried.  All the dishes were served fresh and of good quality.  The Pork Dimsum were juicy.  The Pork Buns were soft and meaty.  The spring rolls and fried rice bountiful.  The Pork Belly succulent and the skin was very crispy.  The Roast Duck was the best I've tasted.  It was tender and the skin crispy plus it wasn't oily at all.  The sauce enhanced the flavour of the duck.  I thought I have tasted the best roast duck in another Chinese restaurant but this one changed everything I believed in what a roast duck should taste. 

Manly Phoenix

The best part was they let me blew my cake!  The staff were very friendly and gracious with our requests.

Manly Phoenix

Manly Phoenix
East Esplanade, Manly Wharf

Opening Times
Yum Cha
Mondays – Saturdays : 11am – 3pm
Sundays and Public Holidays : 10am – 3pm

A La Carte
7 days a week from morning till 11pm