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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Further Studies Thru Online Learning

My time and energy has been focused on work lately.  For the past year, my team and I have been working on a huge training program at work that combines classroom training and online courses that they have to go thru in order to complete the program.  We have launched our training program and we are so proud of what we have come up with.  I'm so inspired with what we have accomplished that I'm now starting to think of enrolling myself into online degree programs in Human Resources.  

When I lived and worked in Manila a few years back, my dream was to do some further studying in the area of Human Resource, but I didn't have the time then.  I got caught up in my career and eventually forgot about it.  Now that I'm living here in Sydney, the idea seems possible because of the gift of technology.  Well, it will make my life busier but still, the convenience and benefits of gaining online Degrees seem realistic for a wife and career woman like me.  What's best is that these days, there are institutions that help in financing one's studies like so I'm feeling more confident about taking this step to learning more and growing in the field of Human Resource.

I'm going to think some more and if not this year, maybe next year, I will be able to start being a student again.  Wish me luck!