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Monday, January 9, 2012

Discovered Inspirations: The Secret to Happiness

A hundred year old man shares the secret to happiness.  His words are so spot on and this Coca-Cola video made my heart tender.

My name is Lolo Mario
I have been lucky
Lucky to have been born like you
To have friends and family
To live a happy life to this day
You have been born in challenging times
The world is a big place
It's so easy to get lost 
To guide you, my advice is simple
Go find what makes you happy
Time flies by so fast
Don't waste it on nonsense

And no matter where you end up
Don't forget where you came from
Looking back on all my years,
I am grateful for every moment spent with friends and family 
Now that I can see that 100 years
Is not nearly enough time to spend with them
Happiness is your birthright
Your friends and family will help you find it

Feel your heart at this very moment.  And if you're unhappy, now's the time to do something about it.  Life is short.  Let's find the passion that will make our hearts flutter.  Let's spend time with people who gives us enormous joy and who makes us feel loved.

Have a great week!

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