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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Taiwanese Cafe: ZenQ Desserts

Asian desserts are fast becoming popular these days.  The Husband and I got interested when we saw an Asian dessert cafe in Chinatown a few months ago because they look similar to the Philippines' Halo-Halo (heller??? Asian dessert nga diba? So malamang hindi nalalayo ang Halo-Halo).

Anyway, we've been hanging out in North Ryde area pre-Christmas 2011 when we chanced upon a Taiwanese cafe called ZenQ Desserts.

ZenQ Desserts is the sister company of Chatime.  The difference between the two is that ZenQ offers more variety from desserts to drinks.

ZenQ's main ingredient is the Q Ball which is a traditional Taiwanese handmade dessert.  It is made up of sweet potato and fresh taro mixed with tapioca and water formed into dough.  After kneading, the dough will be shaped into a ball, then they boil it before serving. 

ZenQ offers several dessert dishes but if you don't have a certain liking for some ingredients, you have the option of creating your own dessert.  You just need to choose your sweet base and then let the staff know what toppings you like and they will put them all together for you.

The Husband opted to try their Grass Jelly with ZenQ Signature Q Ball and Pearl.  It was moderately sweet and refreshing.  

Since it is the season of Mangoes, I opted to try their Mango Shaved Ice with Mango, Mango Jelly and Ice Cream.  I love the "Mango-ness" of this dessert.  The Mango was fresh and sweet while the shaved ice really tasted like real Mango.

Other ZenQ desserts that I would like to try next time: their Honey Toasts!!!

Macquarie Centre
Corner Herring Road and Waterloo Road
North Ryde, NSW

Shop 223, Westfield Chatswood
Phone: 9411 6882

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