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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wanderlust Wednesdays: Visitor Information Centre for Sydney Tourists

It's that time of the year when Sydney is flocked by more travellers than usual.  Summer in Sydney (December to February), celebrations of the New Year, Chinese New Year and Australia Day, and school holidays are a few reasons why wandering around the city is at its peak.

The city of Sydney is trying its best to assists tourists and locals during their travel.  In different parts of the city, you can find Visitor Information Centres where you can ask for directions or assistance.  

A Sydney Guide and Sydney Map are also available in this booth for free.  The Sydney Guide are initially sighted in Arrival areas of the Sydney Airport.  But in case you forgot to grab one upon arrival, they are available in Visitor Information Centres too.

Other than information about the city of Sydney and recommended places to go to, the back portion of the Sydney Guide has numerous coupons that offer discounts to several tourist attractions such as the Sydney Tower Eye, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Aquarium and Powerhouse Museum.  These are very useful to any tourists who would like to save a few dollars.

Travelling to Sydney?  Check out the Sydney Visitor Centres website and the City of Sydney website for information about the city.