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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Japanese Restaurant: Makanai (Sydney, NSW)

Makanai Japanese Kitchen is one of our places to go to when it's a little too late to eat at the food courts in Pitt Street. 

The place was previously housed a different Japanese restaurant named Asakaze so when we noticed that it had been replaced by Makanai, we went in to try it.  

The improved sushi train is longer and has more selections.  We sat ourselves on a normal table so I just had to stand up and get our choice of sushi: a plate of prawn and tuna.  Their sushi was lovely and flavourful.

The Husband ordered a Bento Box set which includes a bowl of miso soup, small plate of salad, slices of fresh salmon, Chicken Teriyaki, Sushi rice and a siding of fried dim sum and tempura.  The Bento Box was good enough to be shared (in our case) since we've already eaten a bit of sushi while waiting.  I'm not a fan of Teriyaki Chicken but theirs were juicy and flavourful.  

We loved that the sushi train has a few dessert options so we tried the Japanese cheesecake.  It wasn't as rich or cheesy like the normal cheesecake.  It seemed more like sponge than cheesecake.  It tasted good and was moist.
This is a good place for a quick bite or long meals with friends.  Food is tasty, freshly-made and reasonably-priced.  

Makanai Japanese Kitchen
239 Pitt St
Sydney New South Wales 2000