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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

See Australia!

I started following See Australia (@seeaustralia) via Instagram last week and thru the photos they share, I realize the so many breathtaking places this country has.  See Australia reposts an instagramer's best photo of anything Australian once it is tagged #seeaustralia.  They also have a facebook account where people also posts photos depicting the life and beauty of Australia.

On Saturday (21/4/12), my family and I witnessed The Three Sisters (famous mountains at Blue Mountains, seen at Echo Point) surrounded by fog.  I almost ran to the end of Echo Point so I can capture the beauty of The Three Sisters surrounded by fog, afraid that if I delay, I would entirely lost the moment.  I tagged my "Three Sisters" photo as my first #SeeAustralia photo.  

Yesterday, @seeaustralia chose my photo and reposted it on their instagram.  I was very happy my photo got picked and shared to a bigger audience.

As of now, it has 687 likes!  

It's a wonder what a photo can do.  I've received a couple of comments in my instagram account (@ibyang) and I've learned that most people are wanting to travel to Australia and see The Three Sisters.  Thru See Australia, one is able to travel to a this country thru captivating photographs shared by photographers/hobbyists.  Thru these photos, one is able to dream and want to travel here.  I hope one day, those dreams and wants will come true.

Follow @seeaustralia in instagram or facebook and share in appreciating the beauty of Australia.