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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things I Love: C Coconut Water From The Philippines

I finally found a brand of Coconut Water that I love--C Coconut Water.

With so many manufacturers of coconut water/coconut juice in the market, it took me awhile to find the one I like. I found this at IKEA's food court, bought it during check-out and brought it home. Didn't think much of it and wasn't even excited to try it. Only on Monday when I had lunch that I decided to drink it. 

Unlike other brands, C Coconut Water tastes like it's from the shell, natural and fresh. There's a faint of sweetness coming from coconut juice which I really love.  The best part is finding that it's made in the Philippines
If you want to buy C Coconut Water, check out their website to buy online and for the list of Stockists.