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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tweethearts Meetup at Tom N Toms Coffee (Sydney, Australia)

I invited myself to a tweetup when my friend Pen mentioned something about meeting a tweetmate from Adelaide. I was able to work out my schedule last Friday and got myself to the city for an early afternoon coffee klatch with Pen and Shai who was in Sydney for the Windows 8 Launch.

Funny thing was the Windows 8 Launch finished early and Shai had to wait for us in the city. We were supposed to meet at MSM but she fortunately hung out at Tom N Toms Coffee. Great choice because they free wi-fi and have more food offerings in the menu. I have always thought of having coffee at Tom N Toms but I always forgot. I got acquainted with Tom N Toms when we traveled in Seoul last year. It caught my eye because it looked very similar to a famous American coffee brand but we never got the chance to try it.

Tom N Toms is a Korean cafe and it opened its first store in Sydney in 2008. Their cafe looks modern with youthful drawings on the wall but their menu offerings have a touch of Asian culture such as a Sweet Potato Latte and Gelato Bread. They serve an array of drinks (coffee, tea, smoothies and lemonade), sandwiches, pretzels and toasted breads.
Tweetup Meetup at Tom N Toms Coffee (Sydney, Australia)

The coffee tastes good and done well by their barista. The Husband had a creamy cup of Cafe Mocha while I had a cup of strong Long Black.  
Tweetup Meetup at Tom N Toms Coffee (Sydney, Australia)

The Gelato Bread looked awesome! Such a big serving that all four us had a hard time finishing it (we actually didn't finish it). But it was delicious. The bread was toasted to a nice crunch and the syrup had the right kind of sweetness. The best part was the gelato. I loved it but I forgot to ask what flavour it was.
Tweetup Meetup at Tom N Toms Coffee (Sydney, Australia)

Tweetup Meetup at Tom N Toms Coffee (Sydney, Australia)

We also had a serving of Pretzel with caramel dip. They had the pretzel cut up in small pieces probably because they want people to have an easier time eating it. This one's a good option for customers who are alone as it's more manageable to finish.
Tweetup Meetup at Tom N Toms Coffee (Sydney, Australia)

The best part of the afternoon was being with Pen and finally meeting Shai. I've known Shai since I started plurking and tweeting in 2007 and then eventually, I discovered her blog where I got to know more about her. She's considered as one of the best Filipino bloggers around the world and it's such an honour to be able to meet her. With the three of us happy and excited that we finally met, the time passed by quickly as we exchanged stories of our life in Australia and a little about life in social media. We hope one day soon, we get to meet for a coffee klatch again.
Tweetup Meetup at Tom N Toms Coffee (Sydney, Australia)

Grateful for Pen who let me "gatecrashed" the tweetup and Shai for finding the time to see us. 

Tom N Toms Coffee 97-99 Bathurst Street NSW


  1. You are so sweet! Thank you for the kind words, and for taking the time to come and see me. So good to finally meet you and Pen! And, sharing that lovely Gelato Bread was just a bonus. :) Looking forward to our next catch-up!


    1. hello Shai! I'd love to see you again. Visit us soon or maybe we'll visit you :)


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