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Friday, March 15, 2013

Style Musings: Finding My Hair Stylists in Sydney

It took me years to find hair stylists in Sydney that can cut my hair the way I want it. My hair need is simple: soft-layered hair and a bit thinned out.

When I moved here, the instinct was to find a Filipino stylist which I did. I found one or two salons in Sydney Metro but I was never satisfied. The last Filipino salon I went to did an average job but I was just so tired of stylists making me wait, "unpolitely" chatting me up and doing experiments with my hair just because I am a Filipino. So I vowed to never again go to a Filipino salon here.

I started another quest to finding a good stylist in 2010. I tried having my hair cut by a Chinese stylist and that didn't work out. I had issues with how the stylist cut my hair. 

Then I searched online and the name of a Korean salon came up. Walked in Kim Sun Young Salon at Pitt Street, Sydney and met a pretty Korean lady that styled my hair the way I want it. Since then, she has become my official hair stylist.
When my stylist is not around, I have a secondary stylist who also cuts well and can blow dry my hair with use of her hands (yes, just her hands!) which results to me having straighter hair.

Another thing I appreciate when I go to Kim Sun Young is that they never ask you too much about getting hair treatments, hair colours or buy their products. My stylist once suggested I should have my hair coloured because I have white hair showing. But I told her I'm not yet ready to colour my hair and thoughtfully added that maybe in a year or so I'd have it coloured. She never asked me again.

A big bonus is that I feel at home at Kim Sun Young. If you've followed my blog entries, you probably know how much our life is influenced by Korean culture. When I visit the salon, I get to look at Korean magazines where I get to see photos of my favourite Korean celebrities. The staff all speak Korean (they are like me who migrated to Sydney) and I don't mind. I can understand a few words they say and it's like I'm part of a real life Kdrama. The best part is I get to talk to them about Korean stuff and they tell me about their life in Korea and in Sydney.

Finding a hair stylist or salon is like finding a gem. It should be a place where you know your hair (or nails, etc) will be safe and well-taken cared of. This is a big deal for me because I want my money's worth and leave the salon smiling because I loved the results my hair cut experience.