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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Miss Chu (Vietnamese Tuck Shop in Sydney)

The highlight of our Fridate last week was lunch at Miss Chu, a Vietnamese Tuck Shop located inside a building at Regent Place. We passed by the restaurant a couple of times before but can never get seats. We arrived at exactly 12 noon for lunch on Friday and lucky us! We got ourselves a decent table.

The table was actually an ironing table which has cutleries and condiments and two sets of list for ordering food and drinks. 
The Husband pointed out immediately that they serve Iced Vietnamese Coffee because he knew how fond I am of their sweet and milky coffee. 
We started off with Tiger Prawns and Green Mango Paper Rolls. It was so fresh and filling. 
The Husband had Lemongrass Beef with salad and brown rice. This was delicious as the beef was tender and had the strong taste of Lemongrass.  I loved this. 
I had the Caramelised Pork Belly Stew with Asian Greens and Brown Rice. Another beautiful dish, the flavour of the pork left a wonderful taste on my mouth. It had a bit of chili but it was only mildly spicy. 
My rice dish came with an egg that seemed poached and fried at the same time. It's perfect!
This was a wonderful dining experience. I loved our food and enjoyed every bite of it. I'm very glad we found a Vietnamese restaurant in the city that serves great food. 

Miss Chu
501 George Street, Sydney
Phone: 02 9283 0357