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Friday, August 2, 2013

Food Favourite: Tikoy (Rice Cake)

I grew up having Tikoy as staple at home. It's one of my family's favourite snacks. We sometimes even have it for breakfast. This is one of reasons why I love celebrating Chinese New Year (even if I'm not Chinese) because they're abundant in supermarkets. However, at our home in Manila, my Mom buys them all year round because we love them.

Here in Sydney, I only get to eat them during the CNY season because they're easily available in almost all Asian supermarkets. Maybe in some supermarkets they are available all year round and I just don't notice. 

What I did this year was hoard Tikoy so I we can at least have them for a while. I bought them at G&L Supermarket (Blacktown) and IGA in Chinatown.  The last bit of Tikoy we had was sometime in May. 

How we enjoy them. I usually slice them up, dip in beaten egg and then fry. I have once tried wrapping them in lumpia wrapper (spring roll wrapper) and it was good too. It's like Turon only that it's Tikoy inside of it instead of banana. 
Tikoy Finds
Tikoy Finds
A wonderful discovery. This year brought me to finding a Red Bean flavoured Tikoy. It was sweeter than the normal Tikoy and we loved it. 
Tikoy Finds
Tikoy Finds
Next year, the plan is to hoard as much Tikoy as we can and try other flavours too.

Do you also enjoy eating Tikoy? How do you cook them?