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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Morning Walk At The Rocks & Circular Quay

When my Mom was here in October, I made sure that all my Fridays will be spent with her. She became my Fridate! :)

We somewhat made a ritual. We start early, dine out for breakfast, have long walks around the city, have lunch and do a bit of shopping before we go home. 

Our first Fridate was at The Rocks and Circular Quay. These areas have the best vantage point if you want to see the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. It's a massive area that has a lot of open spaces, restaurants and shops. 

We walked towards The Rocks, where you'll see the Harbour Bridge if walk towards the end of it. 
We passed by the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Rocks and its heritage-designed buildings. The facade cannot be changed unless approved by the government. 

Bicycles are used as street decor or for holding a signage of an establishment.

Flowers on the side street.

A red phone booth. The phone inside is functional.

On Fridays, The Rocks in George Street corner Argyle Street is closed for market stalls. You can find lots of food, fruits and specialty items for sale produced by small to medium-sized businesses.

A clock tower at The Rocks.

From The Rocks, we walked towards the other side which is the Circular Quay area. It is where the Opera House is located. In front of the Opera House, this is what you'll see...

Here's my Mom and I with the Opera House behind us. From the Opera House, we made our way to the Royal Botanic Gardens located not too far away. 

We enjoyed our leisure walks in the city. Mornings are great for such activity as there's no crowd and we get to go to more places when were out early.

More of our morning walks in future posts.