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Monday, November 18, 2013

Photo Catalogue: Royal Botanic Gardens (Spring 2013)

Would you believe that it's only recently that I got to explore the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney? I'm glad I finally did and I got to discover it with my Mom. Here are a few facts about this lovely space in Sydney:
Size of Site: 64 hectares
Size of Botanic Garden: 30 hectares
Size of Domain: 34 hectares
Annual visitation for the Royal Botanic Garden: 3,544,344. People attending concerts and major events in the Domain: 433,482; people using the Domain playing fields for booked sports: 59,300
Number of plant species in the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney (including the Domain): 8,900
More information here.
Royal Botanic Gardens is a perfect place to relax while communing with nature. It's also a good place to have a walk or jog or simply have some quiet time alone or with a loved one.
My Mom and I visited this month and there were lots of flowers abloom as it was Spring. Here are some of the snaphots of trees and flowers that we saw during our visit. 

Mrs Macquaries Road Sydney NSW 2000, Australia