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Friday, June 27, 2014

Coffee Klatch At Esca Cafe

It's so easy to get lost in the busy-ness of everyday. My solution in avoiding being trapped in work routines (without sacrificing quality of my work) is to inject a bit of bonding time with workmates. I seldom do this before as I'm normally very focused with finishing tasks so I can go home early. I realised that it's good to break my routine at least once a week like have long coffee breaks or take walks during lunch time.

A few weeks ago, I've started this new change in my work life and invited one of my close friend at work. Anna and I chose to have coffee and pastry at Esca Cafe.
Esca Cafe used to be called Naggy's Cafe. I believe there was a change in management, hence, the change in name. They have retained the cozy vibe and delicious food they serve so that's a very good thing. I've heard too that they've introduced more food in the menu but haven't tried them yet.
I had a cup of Flat White and a Lemon Tart while Anna had a hazelnut cookie which was chewy and had a sweetness that was just right.
The Lemon Tart was a beautiful work of art. The tartness will give you the zing you need in case you're sleepy haha! It's quite unique because the base was coated in chocolate which gives you the sweet and bitter taste of cocoa. An interesting harmony inside my mouth. 

Maybe next time we'll have lunch here sometime soon so we can try out their new offerings.

Esca Cafe, Restaurant & Espresso Bar
333B Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Phone: 02 9566 4860