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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lunar Eclipse Last Tuesday

My relatives and I finished dinner a little bit earlier than usual just so we could watch the lunar eclipse on the night of Tuesday. We had a 6 year old little boy who's very eager to see the changing colors of the moon and while watching, I asked him “The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?”, and he enthusiastically replied, “No Ate, its spectacular!” And I just had to agree to that.

I took a video of the eclipse while we were all in front of the house (thank god, the moon was angled right in front of us). We stayed there for about 30 minutes, taking turns with our one and only binocular. I on the other hand, was like watching a movie via the sky and the LCD of the handycam, munching on strawberries while Patrick (my 6 year old cuzin) sat on my lap. It's one of those moments that I will never ever forget--the wonder of nature shown before me while an innocent child accompanies me in appreciating it all.

Here’s an excerpt from the footage I took of the Lunar Eclipse. In the background, you will hear Patrick counting 1-10 in Filipino. Please click here:
Lunar Eclipse (28 Aug 2007).

Photo courtesy of Erick Guerrero.