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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Something Old, Something New

Something Old: Reunited with My Beloved Racket

Last Saturday (25 August), I got reunited with my beloved badminton racket when I played with my friends at the Olympic Park. Napakanta tuloy ako ng:

“Reunited and it feels so good…reunited coz we understood
The breakup we had, has made me lonesome and sad…”

Corny I know, but it really sums up the way I felt last Saturday when I held my badminton again since after three years of not playing. And when I heard the sound “Wapak!” during a smash, wow, heaven! I missed that sound too.

Sa sobrang pagka-miss ko, bigla ko tuloy naisip na bumalik uli sa paglalaro, pero habang pauwi ako naalala ko na hindi na pala talaga ako pwedeng sumali sa mga competitions. Since the last quarter of 2003, badminton can only be a hobby, nothing more. Hindi ko na ito pwedeng career-rin according to my doctor.

But even if I hadn’t played for so long, old habits never die. When my friends finalized the date of our badminton escapade about three weeks ago, I started stretching everyday and made more effort to exercise even if I’m too lazy to even lift a finger. I get myself ready especially kung physical activity, kahit hindi competition. For me, the best preparation is stretching and warm up coz it prevents injury. Takot akong matapilok while playing kaya during stretching and warm up, I put emphasis on my calves and foot. Another habit that I still have was my habit of doing warm ups while still at home and briskwalking and jogging on the way to the place where I’ll be playing.

Grabe, I really felt exhilarated last Saturday. Nung hawakan ko ang raketa ko na dala ko pa mula Pilipinas (first time ko syang ginamit kasi nung dumating ako dito sa Sydney wala akong makalaro), isa lang ang nasabi ko, “ako ito eh, akong-ako.” I realized na malakas pa pala ako, malakas pa ako tumira, na kaya ko pang maghabol ng bola, na kaya ko pang mag-back hand, etc. OA ba? Basta. Passion ko kasi itong badminton, a sport that is very close to my heart. Playing badminton again is like going home to a place that I love.

After playing, I hung out with two couple friends at Rhodes Mall where we had lunch and shopped at Ikea (they shopped, I didn't).
For more photos, please click here: Badminton at Olympic Park

Something New: Meeting Up with Fellow PinoyPhotographer.Org Members

Just to be clear, I'm not a photographer (I'm dreaming of becoming knowledgeable on photography though) and I don't own an SLR camera (not YET, I'm dreaming of owning one). My husband owns one and he considers it as conjugal property but I don't really care about that. That's my wedding gift to him and it's his, period. The camera I use is a point and shoot digital camera only and I'm now learning how to use my Holga camera for lomography (that's entirely a different entry).

I joined PinoyPhotography.Org in the hopes of learning something via the internet. And when I joined, I somehow found myself being online friends with fellow Sydneysiders via Multiply. Indeed, what a blessing the technology of internet can bring---it can bring people together.

Finally on Sunday (26 August), I found the time to meet some of them in the flesh. And what joy to be with the company of very creative minds. Although, I don't own an SLR and I don't know what they were talking about half the time, I felt very relaxed because we all have the same goal, and that is to learn. :)

For more photos of that lovely afternoon, please click here: Photoshoot EB at Bicentennial Park