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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finding Some 'ME time' Now That I'm Married

Nearly three months after Chris has arrived here in Sydney, time management-wise I'm slowly adjusting to being really married.

For the first two months that Chris was here, I was finding it very hard to inject some "ME time" due to a lot of reasons---parties to attend to, shoots, projects we acquired now that we are together, exploring Sydney, packing and unpacking our stuff, and household chores to name a few. Life is indeed so much busier now that husband and I are doing our responsibilities as husband and wife and as individuals.

And now I think, I'm really getting the hang of managing my time as for this weekend I was able to do a lot of "Me time": took afternoon naps on Friday and Saturday, briskwalk and jog at the park today, blog and surf the net, watch Koreanovela at night and read a chapter or two of the novel I'm reading before I go to sleep. So yay me!!!!

Thank goodness husband has been very helpful in the home (he irons our clothes, cleans the house and helps in the washing of laundry), never asks too much from me and always gives me space to do things I want to do like take afternoon naps, briskwalk/jog to the park alone or just spend 10 minutes by my lonesome while sipping green tea.

As early as now, I'd have to say that I'm lucky that I found a partner that respects my value for solitude. It is rare to find someone who understands and is sensitive to one's need to be alone. My need for solitude is not relative to alienation or loneliness, it is simply a need for me to reflect, meditate, talk to myself or simply stare into nothing and just breathe. Silence is golden for me and in that silence I always find my center...I'm more aligned to whatever directions I'm moving towards to. The solutide that I reward myself is one reason why I maintain a healthy soul and mind. And I'm glad my husband knows and respects that.