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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chocolate From My Childhood: Whatchamacallit

Do you remember Bar None and Whatchamacallit? Those were two of the most popular chocolate bars in the 80's. There was always a debate with friends on which one's better. They both have layers made of chocolate, caramel and wafers but the difference was that Whatchamacallit's flavouring agent is peanut butter while Bar None stuck to chocolate. I love Whatchamacallit but I love Bar None more. Unfortunately, Bar None was discontinued in 1997. 

I thought Whatchamacallit share the same faith as Bar None but last Friday, a quick stopover at IGA Express in Parramatta Westfield led us to finding Watchamacallit! I immediately grabbed two bars once I saw it. Nothing can replace Bar None but munching on Whatchamacallit bars were good enough to bring me back to my childhood.