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Monday, September 1, 2008

Some Afternoons Are Made of These

One of the things I sometimes miss now that I'm living here, is that in the Phils, it's so easy to hang out after work. You know? Like have a cup of coffee first before making pila in the FX terminal hehehe. Bakit ba pag nasa Pilipinas eh parang ang daling mag-lakwatsa???? (Dahil bawat kanto may shopping mall o di kaya ay Starbucks!!!).

Two of the so many reasons why it's so hard to find time to hang out with friends after work is that: (1) everyone seemed to be working or living too far away and (2) I'm married and most of my friends are married too!--so we need to go home because there are still things to be done at home.

Nowadays, more often than not, a simple coffee date needs to be planned or scheduled. But once in a while (there is always an exception to the routine este to the rule), I get surprise visits from friends who give me a call at two o'clock in the afternoon saying "I'm free later, wanna meet up and have coffee?"

Two weeks ago, my friend Teena visited me at work. So I took her to Naggy's Cafe where we shared two cakes with our cups of coffee. As we enjoyed our coffee date, we talked of our "dramas" in life, as in chika-to-death ang mga girlash. :) You know how it is with girls...from day-to-day dramas to boys--this time around it's about husbands, lahat na pag-uusapan.

Last week, Larry invited me and Erick for coffee but when we met up, we decided to try out Chocolateria San Churro in Glebe. We all had hot chocolate because it was the specialty of the cafe, plus churros coz I was hungry (it was sooo yum!). Chris arrived a bit later and finally met Larry. This time, usapang photography naman.

After these two recent coffee dates, I realized how lucky I am when it comes to friendships...that even if I'm married already, I still have the best of both worlds: super chika coffee dates with a girlfriend (or with girlfriends) and the more subdued coffee dates with guy friends. Both fun and fabulous!