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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Christening and Furniture Shopping

Busy day on Sunday. First, Husband and I had the privilege to cover Isabella Rae's Christening, the newest princess of our barkada. :)

The Kolokoys all had a share of tasks to help our dear friends Richard and Rachelle and our part was to take photographs.

It's been awhile since Chris and I covered an event and like always, it was fun because we were surrounded by friends.

Jiona is sooooo cute!!! *Gigil* It's so easy to photograph this kid because everytime she sees her Tito Chris, she laughs like crazy.

Cheek-to-cheek moment with Evan and Hilda.

I finally found the courage to wear heels (wedges actually) and a dress while covering an event but I can't say that it was a good decision. During reception, Hilda asked me how I was and I could say was "My feet is killing me!"

With the Husband in our happy-and-a-little-bit-ngarag look. This was towards the end of the reception and it's only in this photo that I realized that the camera strap goes well with my dress hehe.

For more of Isabella's christening photos, click here.

Right after the christening, we went straight to Ikea for some furniture shopping. Busy days at home in the coming days as we get ready for my parents to arrive. The goal was to buy a bed, mattress and lamp shades. All done and more---as always, you can never leave Ikea with just what you need. We stayed til late afternoon and decided to have dinner there. At this time I was feeling stressed with the highlights of our day. Ikea is a big place and it's self-service so Husband and I carried the furnitures when we needed to. After our Ikea adventure, I felt really really tired, my arms hurt a bit from all that carrying. When we arrived home, all I did was get ready for Monday's work and lie down.

Anyway, everything's set. We're just waiting for the furnitures to arrive today (as in now while I'm writing this).