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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Weekend's Priceless Moments

Friday night date with the Husband. We watched Star Trek this time. We almost thought we wouldn't be able to watch due to delays in getting to the cinema: looking for a book that I want (didn't find it at Borders), getting caught up in the rain (as in we were dripping wet but we were like kids playing in the rain) and looking for a place to eat dinner (biglang nag-brown-out sa McDo!!!), by the time we found a place to eat, na-delay pa ang order namin. But we made it! I was already wondering if we were meant to watch a movie that night.

I love Star Trek! It was entertaining and had a lot of funny bits so I loved it.

Being a part of my cousin Patrick's 8th birthday. Saturday was a busy day for me and the husband as we helped in giving Patrick and his friends a great time during Patrick's 8th birthday celebration. For more than three hours, Husband and I ran around taking photographs of the kiddos, watched them play games and laughed so hard from all the silly things they did. So fun but very tiring.

The party extended till dinner time, as relatives and friends came by to wish Patrick a happy birthday.

Sharing the joy of communing with koalas and kangaroos with my parents. Sunday, we took my parents to Featherdale Wildlife Park so my dad can experience touching a koala and feeding a kangaroo. We had so much fun especially my dad. Seeing my dad and mom so happy was priceless.

Catch up with a friend at Starbucks. After our Featherdale adventure, we went to Westfield Mt Druitt for a little bit of shopping. Since my parents are leaving soon, we had to buy pasalubong for the Phils. We had lunch at Pizza Hut, went shopping, then hung out at Starbucks before we went to church. I invited our friend Bhenie (she lives nearby) so we can catch up. As usual, chikahan and tawanan. :)